I’m Jody Trierweiler…

A wife, mom of two teenage boys, Certified Weight Loss Specialist, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Yeah, that’s a lot of certifications. It’s important to me to know my stuff when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

I’m passionate about helping moms — in any stage of motherhood — prioritize their health and self-care. I know how stress and anxiety can interfere with your ability to lose weight because I’ve traveled the same road! When you take care of yourself, you’ll feel more confident, energized, and that in turn, makes you a better momma and partner. I can’t wait to help you succeed.

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Achieve life-long weight loss by addressing 3 areas:


Too many experts focus only on this component which is why too many people don’t achieve life-long results. Physical fitness is only one part of the puzzle.


If your spirituality is out of balance, it can affect every part of you, including your eating habits,weight, and image of yourself.


To achieve life-long results we have to get to the root of your thinking about health and wellbeing to re-write our stories for a happy, healthy future.

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Client Results

Jody is the BEST! During the pandemic I was working out 1-2 hours a day and not seeing results. Since working with her, I have lost 9 pounds and she was able to help me make my dietary habits a lifestyle change rather than a temporary fad. Isabella Morse

It has been life-changing to have Jody in my life, not only as a nutritional health coach, but also as a positive, informative, beautiful person! Danijela Petkoff

Jody was the key to helping me lose 15 pounds of stubborn baby weight Not only did she help with the weight loss, she taught me lifestyle eating habits to keep it off! Nicole Kucab